Decompile EX4

From time to time almost every FOREX trader encounters the need to decompile EX4 files. As a rule, it becomes relevant when there is a need to adjust the algorithm of an expert advisor or a technical indicator. Unfortunately, not all developers include their source code in MQ4 format in the package of trading robots. However, its availability is vital for professional traders of the currency market.

How can this problem be solved?

Fortunately, there is a solution. To get full access to the logic of a trading advisor, script or indicator, you need to decompile the EX4 file. In other words, you need to reverse engineer the machine code in order to restore the source code of the software product.

This process is rather complicated and is performed by qualified specialists. They step by step execute the binary code in the debugger environment, bit by bit restoring the logic of work put into the product by the developer. As a result, the source code of the trading robot in the language MQL4 is restored. Later it can be modified and compiled again. Such a software product will work identically to the original EX4 file, but it will allow the trader to study the trading strategy underlying the expert advisor and, if necessary, adjust it according to his preferences.

Who performs decompilation?

A trader works with MQL4 source code

Decompiling EX4 executables requires extensive experience, expertise, and tools. As of the second half of 2024, there are three teams in the world that can handle this kind of work. The most qualified of them is the team of website, known for its activity in the field of FOREX robots decompilation since 2005. These guys offer very good prices in addition to the highest quality of their work.

How much can it cost?

If we talk about the average cost of decompiling EX4 files on the market, it is about $600 for a regular medium-sized file and about $900 for a product from the MQL5 Market. The team of website, thanks to its many years of experience and large volumes of orders, is ready to offer approximate prices from $250 and $450 respectively.

How long does decompilation take?

The process of decompiling one file takes about five working days. This term includes recovery of the source code, its debugging and real-time verification of its identity to the original. The time may be slightly longer or shorter depending on the size of the file and the technical tricks used by its developer during compilation.

How to decompile an EX4 file online?

It is very simple. Just fill out the special form on the website. Specialists will analyse the file free of charge and after some time will send a conclusion about the possibility of decompiling, its terms and cost. If the client accepts the offer, the work starts, after the end of which the client receives a ready MQ4 file, checks its work and pays for the order.

In rare cases, the service may request an advance payment. Mainly it concerns cases when the client applies to the service for the first time. For the second and subsequent orders, payment is made upon completion of the work.

If you have any questions regarding EX4 files decompilation, you should contact professionals.